About California Soul Coffee Roasters

"Life should be enjoyed with the perfect cup of coffee."

who we are

With over 25 years in the coffee industry, I have been fortunate to work with coffee origins from around the world.  Each region produces spectacular coffees and I have had first-hand experience learning about and tasting exceptional coffees.

I’ve been blessed to be trained by some of the best coffee farmers, processors, roasters and traders throughout the globe. After many years of being in green coffee, the timing is right to bring forth some of the most spectacular roasted coffees available.  Of course, they will change with crop cycles but we will constantly source, cup, and roast the best coffee around at any given time.

Coffee is a passion within our family, as well as living the California lifestyle. We invite you to explore the world of our freshly roasted through our website and embrace all that coffee and life has to offer.

The California Soul Coffee Team (The Patrick & Amy Stewart Family)

what's in the logo

There is meaning behind our “A Frame” logo and we wanted to share it with you.

Being born and raised in Southern California, I started surfing in the early 1980s and embraced the overall California lifestyle. As an avid surfer, beach volleyball player, fisherman, hiker and good ol’ outdoorsy guy, I enjoying the cool foggy mornings as much as I enjoyed my morning coffee. Watching the sun cut the morning fog helped me to get my day started and enjoy the beauty and soul of the Golden State. Fast forward to present day, my family and I still enjoy the California lifestyle…while drinking a perfect cup of coffee.


The font of California Soul is a nod to the 60’s, the flames on the sides of Coffee Roasters is a nod to the 70’s, the palm trees on sides of the wave are whimsical and a nod to a time of less stress and more free time, the sun is a nod to the 80’s and finally, the A frame wave is my favorite wave to surf.

An A Frame wave gives you the option of going right or left.  You can’t go wrong.   Each side is perfect; a mirror image of the other.  It’s up to you to ride it, carve it and leave your mark. This is true in life, as well.  It’s great to wake up in the morning and have choices.  When you can’t go wrong with either option, you’re doing great.

Our hope for you is that each day is an A Frame.  And, if Cal Soul Coffees can be a part of it, we’re totally stoked.

The California Soul Coffee Team and Stewart Family

soul in every cup