Private Reserve


We are extremely honored to be able to offer this small group coffee to you! This extremely rare offering won’t be around for long, and once the last bags are shipped they are gone forever!  This limited offering is from our rotating selection of “Top Lot” coffees that meet the standards of being in our Private Reserve line. These exceptional coffees are recognized throughout the world and embody the spirit of California Soul.

  • Mexico Sicobi – Nayani
  • Sicobi has a unique cup profile. While the cooperative’s coffees are 100% washed process, they profile similar to a natural coffee. This is due in part to the natural conditions of the area, particularly the very dry landscape which creates a unique micro-climate. Sicobi’s growers ferment their coffee in wooden tanks, which also helps give the coffee the profile of a natural.
  • Region: Oaxaca
  • Tasting Notes: Well Balanced, Sweet, Dark Fruit, Spicy, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla.
  • (1) 12oz Bag for only $18.99
  • Whole Bean